things to come

This blog is all about applying to graduate school. The insights here will based both on my personal experiences with the application process and also on a lot of borrowed knowledge from experts along the way. What you’ll find here in the coming months will be a mixture of personal stories, general how-to’s for different parts of the process, (hopefully, some) interviews with professors and graduate directors, and examples to guide you through each step of finding and applying to graduate programs in the humanities and (soft) social sciences.

Some of the topics discussed here will include:

Applying to graduate school is a lot of (surprisingly expensive) work and it’s easy to get caught up in the sheer number of things you’ll have to do. Especially if you don’t fit in with the academy’s preferred population (that is, if you’re not a middle-class, straight, white, cisgender male), and you want to do radical and community-accountable teaching and research. The application process is all about being yourself in the ways that make it easiest for programs and universities to rationalize taking you on.

It can be a tricky game, but it’s doable nonetheless.

So check back periodically, as I’ll try to get a topic covered every week or so until I run out of either topic or steam.

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