Monthly Archives: April 2013

Here are some things to consider when looking for letter writers.

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Here’s a quick primer on how to organize your information for your letter writers/potential letter writers. It’s also a useful exercise to get a small sense of who you are and what you’re doing. Read More

As the title suggests, I want to offer some tips and insights when it comes to choosing between different types of programs. How many different types of programs should you apply to? Do you know what kind of program you’re looking for? Should you be looking into social science or humanities programs? What about interdisciplinary programs?

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Here’s a minor point about how to approach selecting programs to apply to, and it revolves around making sure you have the power to say ‘no.’ It’s great to have an offer from your dream program, and it’s so much better to have an offer from your dream program and at least one other program. This is advice that’s worth heeding regardless of what situation you’re in and it revolves around one simple truth: if you don’t have the power to say ‘no,’ then you don’t have any power at all.

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